BANYA – Recette inspirée du peuple Slave

BANYA - Recipe inspired by the Slavic people

Made from raspberry leaf, sea buckthorn berry and rosehip berry.
Banya is the Slavic equivalent of Sauna or Hammam, and lies somewhere in between in terms of humidity.
Unlike the Sauna, which is dry heat, the Banya is a hot steam bath, obtained by spraying water into a brick stove. You whip yourself vigorously with birch or oak branches. You then throw yourself into a cold-water basin, lake or river, or roll around in the snow.
This exercise, repeated several times, causes the body to lose a great deal of water, and consumes a great deal of energy. The result is a powerful and immediate need to compensate, by rehydrating with a warm infusion of beneficial and balancing plants.
Julia explains:
"I drew on the ingredients most commonly used by Slavs to stimulate the lymphatic system and provide a refreshing effect, during the tea ceremony which is, after each passage, an essential element of the Banya. It's important to restore the right level of water and mineral salts, otherwise you'll feel heavy-headed, depressed and lethargic. In everyday life, drinking BANYA infusion detoxifies, provides ideal hydration and contributes to hormonal balance. In Slavic countries, this type of blend is recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women, as milk production is increased.
Infuse 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of water. Reinfusion is possible.
90°C 195°F / 10' / Morning or evening
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