All the packaging used by TEA TRIBES is responsibly manufactured in Europe, in compliance with food standards.

Here are just some of the points we pay close attention to:


It is carried out in France, near Tours, by CLIC LOGISTIC, a forerunner in the field of green logistics and the first logistics company in France to adopt the status of a company with a mission. We chose CLIC LOGISTIC to take charge of receiving our goods, supervising their packaging in boxes and refills, and preparing and dispatching our customers' orders.

Firstly, because CLIC LOGISTIC uses reconditioned equipment, carries out selective sorting and recycles all its waste. Secondly, because 100% of its transport is offset to ensure a neutral carbon footprint, and all its parcels are "plastic free" (excluding pallets), i.e. no adhesives, scotch tape or bubble envelopes.

The tissue paper used to wrap TEA TRIBES products is biosourced, chlorine-free and 100% recyclable.

As for our optional gift box, we've chosen to focus on conservation rather than recyclability. Conceived to be practical and durable, we invite you to keep it as a storage box.

In detail:

Packaging company: CLIC LOGISTIC

Location: France, near Tours.

Our preservation box

It's made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

Only the inner surface is made up of a mixture of 80% cardboard and 20% polyethylene: this provides the necessary barrier effect against humidity and prevents the aromas from escaping. As this proportion is low, our cardboard box is recyclable, but not yet biodegradable (which we are working on).

The little side tamper-evident label is made of plastic, and the glue is acrylic. Once removed, it should be disposed of with the products intended for plastic recycling.

In detail :

Supplier: SONOCO, France.

Production: Spain.

Our refill pouch

It's made from natural French kraft and is 100% recyclable in the paper industry. Here too, a polyethylene barrier film protects our products from humidity and aroma leakage. And as the proportions are minimal, this does not hinder recyclability.
For the record: we have banned all transparent windows, not only because they are usually made of plastic, but also because light is extremely harmful to good preservation. (By the way, if you see infusions sold in bags with a transparent window, run away: it's because we've prioritized the product's appearance, to make you want it, to the detriment of its quality, while using more plastic).

In detail :

Supplier: DELTASACS, France.

Production: France.

Our labels

They are made from 100% natural fibers of French origin, sourced from cotton field waste, making them environmentally friendly. The color of our label paper is natural, and the quantity of ink we use is negligible, so all our labels are certified recyclable. Finally, our printer recovers waste (from the back of the label, known as glassine) from our packer (the person who applies the labels) for recycling.

In detail :

Supplier: STRATUS, France.

Production: France.