Le Manifesto

When the Siberian winter arrives, the people of the Taiga collect pine needles and maral roots, which they infuse with beautiful redcurrants.

The practice is ancestral.

The ingredients are completely natural.

The benefits, proven: the recipe stimulates the immune system throughout the season.

And as the saying goes, "if you can't find the right remedy within 50 feet of you, you're not looking hard enough".

You don't learn that from sightseeing.

At TEA TRIBES, we live in contact with Slavic communities, Mayan heirs, healers, botanists; from Africa to Japan, from Siberia to Guatemala.

We follow them in search of virtuous ingredients, whole leaves and sun-dried fruit.

You'll be amazed at how each day you'll wake up stronger, calmer and more invigorated.

This is our promise to you: to follow the currents of tea, to share its greatest benefits.


Tea rituals to share.

The Founder

"I spent my childhood in Mexico, and later lived in Denmark, Turkey and Russia. At the same time, for many years my work took me all over the world. All in all, I've spent half my life abroad, where I've had many wonderful encounters.

This nomadic lifestyle has also deeply nourished my curiosity about otherness, cultural heritage and ancestral traditions.

These days, we talk a lot about animal biodiversity, more timidly about plant biodiversity, and far too rarely about human biodiversity. Yet it's a fact: today, peoples are disappearing as their traditions and cultures are destroyed or forgotten. And yet, as far as the world of mankind and the living world in general is concerned, we know that it is from diversity that richness springs.

That's why I decided to help keep traditions alive, all over the world, in a field I know and love: tea and infusions.

This is how TEA TRIBES was born.

From the outset, our aim has been to oppose the approach of certain large groups, who confine themselves to their buyer's point of view and judge only the quality of the leaves from this or that producer, ignoring all local practices.

At TEA TRIBES, on the contrary, we're convinced that nothing can be done or known without taking a genuine interest in people. In the way they live, look after themselves and protect themselves.

With this in mind, we work with local correspondents, experts in teas and infusions, whom we call Tea-Tribers. They pass on their beneficial remedies and ancestral rituals, and we work alongside them to preserve the traditions of the communities from which they draw their inspiration.

Jean-Luc Foucher-Créteau

Founder of TEA TRIBES & Co.