Ensuring fair sharing of value

Better than any certification, the permanent physical presence of our Tea-Tribers on site enables us to collaborate with pickers, harvesters and processors who work in dignified conditions, for adequate remuneration.

What's more, for each of the regions in which our Tea-Tribers draw their inspiration, source their supplies and create their recipes, we donate 5% of the value of all our local purchases to associations dedicated to preserving local traditions and culture.

For starters, we support Survival International, which has been fighting for indigenous peoples, nature and all humanity for 50 years.


In concrete terms

1/ Each Tea-Triber makes a pre-selection of local non-profit associations, among those most active in defending the rights and customs of indigenous peoples.

2/ The TEA TRIBES Strategic Committee receives and evaluates the candidate files.

3/ Members of the TEA TRIBES community vote in favor of an association.

4/ The association then receives an annual subsidy corresponding to 5% of the amount spent by TEA TRIBES on local sourcing in the previous year.

5/ TEA TRIBES and the Tea-Triber concerned monitor the chosen association's commitments and projects, and keep the TEA TRIBES community regularly informed.