Comment réussir à coup sûr une infusion glacée ?

How do you make an iced infusion?

That's the question everyone asks me every time I take part in an event and offer an iced version of a TEA TRIBES infusion!
I hope this article will help you make it simple and easy.
It's true that there are several methods, and it can be confusing...

From the outset, I eliminate room-temperature or cold infusion. Not only does it take hours, but I'm not a fan of it when it comes to using natural infusions like ours: the leaves, berries or stems are quite large. So, to release all their health-giving components and aromas, you first need to make a very hot infusion (over 80°), then cool it down.

Those with a bit more foresight can, of course, make their entire infusion hot, leave it to cool in the open air and then place it in the fridge for several hours. It's perfect, but you usually have to think about it the night before!

When you haven't anticipated the need as much, what you're most often told is to prepare a normal infusion, hot, then add ice cubes. But you've experienced it yourself: if you start with a 90° infusion, you need to add lots and lots of ice cubes to reach a very cold temperature!
1/ There are never enough ice cubes to go around.
2/ The dissident who still wanted to make pastis is furious: there are no more ice cubes in the freezer! 😤
3/ Once melted, the ice cubes have added so much water that your infusion has become insipid. 🙃
4/ Frankly, it's not environmentally friendly...

To prepare large thermos jugs of 3 or 5 liters of iced infusion, here's how I do it, and I suggest you use it as inspiration for a 1 or 1.5-liter jug:
1- I make an infusion at 90° for about 1/3 of the volume, increasing the infusion time to a dozen minutes (instead of 7 to 10'). As I've said before, you need very hot water to extract all the benefits and flavours of the plants.
2- I add fresh water (or room-temperature water) for a second third of the volume.
The leaves are still there, just for a few more minutes. I drip, and when I'm satisfied (the infusion is then barely warm and the taste should be quite pronounced), I remove my filter with my leaves and decant my infusion into a beautiful transparent carafe.
- I then add ice cubes, to make up the last third of the volume, without having to empty the entire stock (cf. the friend who values his or her pastis 😉).

It's ready, it's iced!

An infusion like this refreshes and hydrates, of course, but unlike industrial iced teas, it provides all the benefits of the natural plants it's made from and has an authentically delicious taste, with no added flavoring or sugar. And because it's caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, at any time of day. It's all to the good!

All our infusions can be tried iced. The ones I particularly recommend are DOM GRECHKA (Roasted Buckwheat), KUKULKAN (Moringa), MAYANNA (Cocoa), CENOTE (Hibiscus), TAÏGA (Blackcurrant), PUGU (Needle and Pine cone) and BANYA (Raspberry leaf, Sea Buckthorn berry and Rosehip berry). But frankly, you can try the others too.

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