Connaissez-vous l'art du Koridashi ?

Do you know the art of Koridashi?

This is a unique method originating in Japan, which involves infusing tea leaves with ice cubes.

As the ice melts, the tea leaves impregnate the water with flavor.

This slow, meditative infusion process accentuates the umami notes present in the tea and minimizes any bitterness or astringency.

All our recipes can be brewed using the Koridashi method, but we particularly recommend :

How to use?

Pour ice into a carafe, preferably with filtered water.

Add loose tea leaves/infusion in the middle of the ice. It's recommended to use one teaspoon of tea leaves for 150 g of ice, but this depends on taste and whether you want more or less intense flavors.

Waiting for the ice cream to melt is at the heart of the Koridashi method. It may take some time to melt completely, but it's this gradual melting process that gives Koridashi tea its unique flavor.

Filter your tea / infusion before tasting.

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