Les 4 erreurs à éviter pour bien préparer son thé ou son infusion

The 4 mistakes to avoid when properly preparing your tea or infusion

Because there is nothing worse than preparing tea and when it's time to taste it, it's really unpleasant, here are the mistakes to avoid for successful preparation.

* Minimize the quantity: in the West we have bad habits when it comes to quantifying the dose of infusion or tea to prepare. The fault of the sachet industry which gives us a benchmark of around 2g. But this minimal quantity is in fact ideal for a small cup (coffee cup type) and not a mug as we are more used to. Result: when we prepare a pot of tea, we tend not to add enough.

Tea Tribes & Co advice: the more you add, the more aromatic notes you will have. For the most precise, we estimate 12-15g per one liter teapot.

* Use tap water: obviously it's more practical but if you want a taste experience that matches, this is not the right approach. The richer the water is in minerals, the more it will change the taste of your infusion, sometimes making it very bitter.

Tea Tribes & Co advice: filtered water remains the best solution to avoid altering the taste of your beverage. Most of the time, we recommend investing in a filter jug or a filter that fits directly into the tap, which is still better than bottled water.

* Do not follow the infusion time: while you can certainly adjust to your taste, once you know your preferences, however, you tend to either want to be in too much of a hurry and therefore not wait for the leaves to reveal all their secrets; ) or we forget our cup in a corner and then it's soup with a grimace when we taste it.

Tea Tribes & Co advice: follow our advice on the packaging, otherwise we rarely exceed 3 minutes for green tea when it generally takes 7 to 10 minutes for an infusion. And of course we set an alarm, because otherwise it’s guaranteed to be forgotten!

* And finally, let the water boil: NO, NO and NO, we strictly forbid you from doing so. The water temperature will greatly impact the plants, flowers and fruits in the composition. Each blend has its ideal brewing temperature and it would be a crime not to follow it.

Tea Tribes & Co advice: investing in a kettle with adjustable temperature remains the safest and easiest solution but if this is not planned in your next purchases, here are some tips:

70°C: small bubbles form in the water (the size of a pinhead)

90°C: large bubbles rise to the surface and a noise is released.

If you follow our advice, goodbye bitterness, acidity and disappointment.

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