L'infusion des Cosaques Ukrainiens : un élixir d'invincibilité !

The herbal tea of the Ukrainian Cossacks: an elixir of invincibility!

by Anna ZAPTALOVA, “Tea-Triber” for the Ukrainian Slavic people.

Since time immemorial, Ukrainian Cossacks were renowned for their incredible strength, courage and resilience. Their exploits were lauded in songs, legends and tales, and their stories continue to capture people's imaginations. The Cossacks are said to have possessed incredible strength and health. Their wounds healed at lightning speed, and illnesses kept them away.

Here is one of the legends that explains this phenomenon: One day, while crossing a forest, the Cossacks met an old grandfather from the woods. Seeing the Cossacks, the old man revealed to them the secret of health and strength. He told them about the miraculous herbs that grow in the forest and taught them how to make herbal teas full of benefits. The Cossacks picked the herbs and prepared the infusion. After drinking it, they felt a surge of strength and energy. Their wounds healed and the illnesses disappeared. Since then, the Cossacks have always drunk this preparation before battle, to feel strong and invincible.


Some notable facts about the Cossack infusion:

 The Cossacks firmly believed that their herbal tea gave strength and invincibility in combat.

 The Cossacks' herbal tea was drunk BEFORE the battle to concentrate and keep one's composure.

 The Cossacks' herbal tea was also drunk AFTER the battle to relieve fatigue and recover.

 Cossack herbal tea was also an integral part of Cossack social life.


The revival of traditions:

Today, the secrets of preparing Cossack herbal tea have been recreated by the Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants of the Institute of Agroecology and Use of Natural Resources, under the auspices of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine. Its specialists thoroughly study the recipes for ancient infusions based on medicinal plants, reproducing them with the greatest possible precision. Founded in 1916, the Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants became from the outset a center for scientific research and preservation of Ukrainian phytotherapeutic traditions. Over the decades, the station has experienced different periods. During the war, it was captured by the Germans, but was not destroyed, because they understood the scientific treasure they had captured, based on unique technologies and ecological principles. At the experimental station, herbs are grown using unique technologies that preserve the beneficial properties of plants as much as possible. They adhere to the principles of organic farming, not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Therefore, the plants produced at the experimental station not only have authentic taste and aroma, but also possess all the required healing properties.

The Cossacks' brew, which they reconstituted and delivered to us, is not just a drink, it is a symbol of the history, culture and unbending spirit of Ukraine. It is composed of herbs that have always grown on Ukrainian lands and which have healing properties, giving the Cossacks strength and endurance in combat.


Why drink this Cossack preparation?

- For health: Cossack herbal tea is rich in vitamins, minerals and bioactives with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immuno-stimulating and diuretic properties. It helps relieve colds, coughs, stomach aches, and even chronic illnesses.

- For vitality: Cossack herbal tea is an excellent stimulant, gives a boost of energy and improves performance. It is likely to help wake up in the morning, concentrate and prepare for a new day.

- For mood: Cossack herbal tea has a calming effect, helps relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. It could even provide a feeling of inner peace and harmony.

- To connect to history: While drinking Cossack herbal tea, why not establish an emotional connection with the Ukrainian Cossacks, their strength, their courage and their invincible spirit.

It is a herbal tea that unites people, makes them stronger and more resilient. Drink KOZAK, brought to you by the TEA TRIBES house, it's the infusion of the Cossacks - drink the strength of Ukraine!


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