Comment prendre "le temps du thé" ?

How to take "tea time"?

At TEA TRIBES, we're convinced that it's a privilege to be able to take a break to reconnect with yourself, and perhaps the world too.

If you're so lucky, knowing how to do it is essential.

Our teas and infusions are rich in virtues, but the action of making their tasting a ritual, a parenthesis, a time for oneself, is inherent in the philosophy of these beverages that we are keen to pass on.

It is in silence and contemplation of the living that the present moment reveals its gifts. And it's also in full awareness that the subtleties of our recipes are revealed and their benefits savored.

You'll be amazed at the changes that take place in your body and mind, as soon as you give it the opportunity to slow down and feel.

You can start today: in just a few simple steps, you'll embark on a sensory journey from which you'll return rich in inner peace.

  • Choose your moment

When you get out of bed, at breakfast, in the evening before going to bed, choose the moment that suits you, when you can give yourself time and focus on the present moment. If you can, identify a time when you won't be disturbed.

Take the time to make yourself comfortable and take stock of how you're feeling. Restless, relaxed, tired? Take note without judgment. What do you need today? Maybe it's relaxation, maybe an energy boost, or cleansing. Maybe you're looking for a flavor that gives you a sense of comfort. Let your inner weather guide you in your choice of infusion.

  • Gather the elements

Once you've got the tea caddy in hand, take a moment to observe it: its contours, colors and symbols, and smell the scent that wafts out once it's opened. What do you see inside? You'll probably be drawn to the pieces. Detail the components one by one. Imagine them in their natural environment, visualize the landscapes in which they grow: an immense wild meadow in Altai, the golden light of a summer evening near the dacha, or perhaps a few mists on the calm waters ofLake Atitlàn... Let yourself travel.

Now, carefully choose the cup you're going to drink from. A dedicated cup may be an easy choice, but that other one you select will be the right one. Take the time to observe and weigh it. When you're ready, place it in front of you, then turn your attention to your teapot or infuser. You need to fill the filter with just the right amount, no more, no less, and measure it precisely - precision is never superfluous.

  • Brew with patience

It's only natural that you should try to keep your mind occupied while you wait for the water to heat up in the kettle. Seize the opportunity to work on your patience, and use these few minutes to anchor yourself a little more firmly in the present moment. Take a few deep breaths, concentrating on the movement of your ribcage as you inhale and exhale, and pay attention to the sound of the kettle as the water simmers. If your thoughts wander, simply take note, and return to your original intention. Then, embrace the gesture, watch the water fill your teapot and gently colour itself. Again, a moment of waiting: the infusion needs it, and so do you.

  • Taste with curiosity

When everything's ready and you've filled your cup, you can take it in your hands and start enjoying your infusion in the place you've chosen. Maybe it's here, or maybe you need to go further afield. Feel the warmth in your hands as they come into contact with the cup, the steam brushing your nose and cheeks, the scent dancing up to your nostrils.

Smell the contents of the filter you've removed, soggy leaves exhaling lingering fragrances.

Now place your lips on the rim of your cup and taste. Are there any images running through your mind? Emotions or memories? With each sip, watch as the beverage passes from your lips to your mouth, then to your throat, and examine its taste: is it fruity? floral? woody? spicy? Is it powerful or rather subtle? Keep your senses alert as you turn your attention to what accompanies this ritual. Let yourself be surprised by the flavors, and the sensations of retraction or expansion that this moment brings. Don't hesitate to take breathing breaks. There's nothing to wait for; you're already where you need to be: here and now.

  • Practice gratitude

Congratulate yourself on this moment of calm in the midst of the storm that may be your daily life. How do you feel at the end of this break you've given yourself? Take a moment to thank yourself for having taken this time for yourself, and also to thank those who have worked to make it possible: the earth that saw the plants grow, thefarmers and gatherers who perpetuate ancestral traditions, the Tea-Tribers who chose and assembled them to bring them to you.

And then simply get on with your day, with all the energy it demands, but remembering, just from time to time, the delights of this moment you've allowed yourself!

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