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SPECIAL PRIZE 3 boxes + gift box (value 57.00 €)

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The gift box for yourself, or for anyone who wants to detox and boost!

Three of our infusions have been selected for their shared detoxifying and toning properties - DOM GRECHKA, POPOL WU'UJ and BAÏKAL SHAMANS. They are grouped together in a "ready-to-give" gift box.

As the detoxifying and invigorating contributions of the plants used are complementary, these 3 infusions can be taken alternately to benefit from their properties all year round. Their 3 very different tastes also provide delicious variations from one week to the next.

    Set contents

    DOM GRECHKA: Natural infusion of Tatar roasted buckwheat

    For centuries, buckwheat has been one of the main ingredients of Eastern European cuisine. The Slavs go so far as to nickname this cereal “the mother»so essential is it to them. And for good reason: rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus, equipped with powerful antioxidants (rutin) and full of insoluble fiber, this little seedsatiates, detoxifies, drains, stimulates the digestive system and helps maintain the overall good functioning of the body. Once toasted, it displays an intense color and flavor, to be discovered in this delicately nutty infusion, enriched with wild rowan berry.

    Notes:delicious, nutty.

    Ingredients :Grilled Tatar buckwheat (95%), wild rowan berry (5%) — 100% natural - No flavoring or added sugar - Very very low in calories - WITHOUT THEINE. GLUTEN FREE. Box of 250 grams

    Use :without moderation throughout the day and evening.

    Delicious and effective also in an iced version!


    POPOL WU'UJ: Natural infusion of chicozapote, bibacier leaf, cocoa and coconut

    Coming from oral tradition, the Popol Wu'uj is the sacred book of Mayan mythology. It is in homage to this allegorical story retracing the origin of the world that we named this infusion. In this mixture, the caramelized fruit of chicozapote (a very resistant tree from the Gulf of Mexico) rubs shoulders with cocoa, coconut and bibacier leaf: ingredients consumed locally for theirantioxidant, purifying and fat-burning properties. A fragrant and delicious drink which,in addition to detoxifying, helps regulate tension.

    Notes:fruity and cocoa, therefore necessarily delicious.

    Ingredients :Bibsteel leaf (30%), cocoa pod (30%), coconut (20%), chicozapote fruit (20%).

    Artisan culture from Guatemala exclusively - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE. Box of 120 grams.

    Use :morning and evening, without moderation.


    BAÏKAL SHAMANS: Natural infusion of lingonberry leaves and berries, sagaan dali and immortelle.

    In the South-East of Siberia, there is a breathtaking natural setting, a spectacular body of water, the purest and deepest in the world: Lake Baikal. The region surrounding it saw the birth of shamanism and its plant-based healing practices. This herbaceous and fruity infusion is part of this trail: antioxidant cranberry, purifying immortelle and stimulating sagaan dali (nicknamed “life extender” by the Shamans) will work tocleanse, revitalize and tone your body to guide it towards its full potential. All enhanced by delicate cherry leaves.

    Notes:fruity and herbaceous

    Ingredients :Lingonberry leaf (47%), lingonberry berry (28%), sagaan dali (11%), immortelle (11%), wild cherry leaf (3%).

    Exclusively handpicked from Siberia - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE. Box of 60 grams.

    Use: as a 2 or 3 week treatment, throughout the day (avoid after 6:00 p.m., for sensitive people, due to the invigorating effect of sagaan dali).

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    Customer Reviews

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    Juliette M.
    Un voyage

    Je ne connaissais pas Tea Tribes et étais un peu sceptique. Mais tout est parfait. Excellence à tout point de vue: emballage, présentation, feuilles entière etc... mais surtout le conternu! A l'ouverture du pot, tout un monde d'odeurs, de couleurs se dégage. Rien que regarder le contenu (feuilles, fleurs entières, pas écrasées ni broyées) fait voyager.Dom Grechka est exceptionnel: un goût noisetté de sarrasin grillé, tout en finesse, évocateur d'un monde ouralo altaïque peu connu, commeun aux peuplades du bord de lac Baïkal et même la Corée. Un sarrasin particulier qui n'a rien à voir avec le sarrasin japonais. C'est doux, réconfortant, addictif. Baikal Shamans est léger, fruité/fleuri. Le sentir au sortir de la boite et regarder, humer (comme un vin, l'odeur est suave et étonnante) est déjà un pas vers une boisson différente, inhabituelle. Popol Wu'uh est d'emblée réconfortant, légèrement cacaoté (mais pas de goût de chocolat), je le prends le soir. J'ajoute que ces tisanes peuvent etre infusées plusieurs fois. le goût change à peine et les saveurs se développent différemment. Quant aux effets, je n'en sais rien... Difficile à dire. mais c'est bon, étonnant, joli et rien que cela c'est merveilleux!

    Quel plaisir et quelle récompense à lire vos commentaires ! Si on travaille dur et avec passion, c'est probablement pour lire cela un jour. Mais c'est tellement fin et délicat, qu'on pourrait ne pas croire que c'est vrai, qu'un client vous a vraiment écrit çà.
    Un grand merci,