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The gift box for yourself, or for those who love the exotic.

Three of our infusions inspired by the ancestral practices of the Mayan people - KUKULKAN, POPOL WU'UJ and ATITLAN - are grouped together in a "ready-to-give" gift box.

    Set contents

    KUKULKAN: Natural infusion of moringa, lemongrass and citrus fruits

    Among the ancient Maya, Kukulkan was the supreme god, that of resurrection and reincarnation. It is for the symbols of strength and great resistance that it embodies that we chose it to name this recipe based on moringa leaves, otherwise calledthe tree of Life».A stimulating, protective and balancing infusion, enhanced with lemongrass and citrus fruits.

    Notes:off the beaten track, both herbaceous and fruity.

    Ingredients :Moringa leaf (70%), lemongrass leaf (10%), lemon peel (10%), orange peel (10%), orange and lemon essential oil.
    Artisan culture from Guatemala exclusively - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE. Box of 70 grams.

    Use :in the morning and in the evening, in immoderate quantities.

    Delicious and even more effective infused at room temperature (this preserves the vitamins), to be served in an iced version (after adding a few ice cubes!).


    POPOL WU'UJ: Natural infusion of chicozapote, bibacier leaf, cocoa and coconut

    Coming from oral tradition, the Popol Wu'uj is the sacred book of Mayan mythology. It is in homage to this allegorical story retracing the origin of the world that we named this infusion. In this mixture, the caramelized fruit of chicozapote (a very resistant tree from the Gulf of Mexico) rubs shoulders with cocoa, coconut and bibacier leaves: ingredients consumed locally for theirantioxidant, purifying and fat-burning properties. A fragrant and delicious drink which,in addition to detoxifying, helps regulate tension.

    Notes:fruity and cocoa, therefore necessarily delicious.

    Ingredients :Bibsteel leaf (30%), cocoa pod (30%), coconut (20%), chicozapote fruit (20%).

    Artisan culture from Guatemala exclusively - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE. Box of 120 grams.

    Use :morning and evening, without moderation.


    ATITLAN: Black tea camelia sinensis and native criollo corn.

    If the cultivation of tea is recent in Guatemala, that of corn is centuries old. Considered a divinity, an object of worship and a symbol of resurrection, its sacred dimension is central in Mayan culture. We have made it the star ingredient of our recipe, choosing its native variety (“criollo corn”) renowned for its purity and the richness of its contributions. So here is Atitlan:a draining, anti-fatigue and antioxidant tea, with subtle notes of toasted cereals.

    Notes: gourmet, toasted cereals.

    Ingredients :Locally certified organic black tea (camelia sinensis) (63%), native black, white and yellow corn (37%).
    Exclusively handcrafted from Guatemala - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - GLUTEN FREE - GMO free. Box of 120 grams.

    Use:at will but not after 5:00 p.m., due to the presence of theine.

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