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The perfect gift for all those who like to immerse themselves body and soul in a wintry atmosphere.

What could be better than to take them deep into the forests of Siberia, the land of the still-living ancestral traditions of 22 indigenous peoples, who know how to withstand the most extreme conditions.

These 3 infusions are inspired by the pharmacopoeia of the Buryats (BAÏKAL SHAMANS), Yukaghirs (PUGU) and Turks (ALTAÏ CHAÏ). They are grouped together in a "ready-to-give" gift box.

As the balancing and strengthening contributions of the plants used are complementary, they can be taken alternately to benefit from their contributions throughout the winter.

Their three very different tastes also provide delicious variations from one day to the next.

    Set contents

    BAÏKAL SHAMANS: Natural infusion of lingonberry leaves and berries, sagaan dali and immortelle.

    In the South-East of Siberia, there is a breathtaking natural setting, a spectacular body of water, the purest and deepest in the world: Lake Baikal. The region surrounding it saw the birth of shamanism and its plant-based healing practices. This herbaceous and fruity infusion is part of this trail: antioxidant cranberry, purifying immortelle and stimulating sagaan dali (nicknamed “life extender” by the Shamans) will work tocleanse, revitalize and tone your body to guide it towards its full potential. All enhanced by delicate cherry leaves.

    Notes:fruity and herbaceous

    Ingredients :Lingonberry leaf (47%), lingonberry berry (28%), sagaan dali (11%), immortelle (11%), wild cherry leaf (3%).

    Exclusively handpicked from Siberia - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE. Box of 60 grams.

    Use: as a 2 or 3 week treatment, throughout the day (avoid after 6:00 p.m., for sensitive people, due to the very invigorating effect of sagaan dali).


    PUGU: Natural infusion of Siberian pine, bergenia, St. John's wort, marjoram and yarrow

    Pugu is the sun god of the Yukaghirs, a people of northeastern Siberia, heir to the hunter-gatherer culture, who continues to resist sedentarization. Every year, they carry out long transhumance with their reindeer and harvest the ingredients they find on the way to sustain themselves and develop their pharmacopoeia, in particular to resist the lack of sun. Here: Siberian apples and pine needles, bergenia leaves, St. John's wort, marjoram and yarrow mingle togethera soothing infusion, anti-depressant and regulating digestive disorders.

    Ingredients :Pinus sibirica apple (40%), pinus sibirica needle (25%), fermented willow herb (10%), bergenia leaf (5%), St. John's wort (5%), wild marjoram (5%), yarrow (5%) ), wild mint (5%).
    Exclusively handpicked from Siberia - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE. Box of 100 grams.

    Notes:woody and herbaceous

    Use :Ideal in the evening.

    ALTAÏ CHAÏ: Natural infusion of rhodiola rosea root, maral root, wild mountain ash, wild strawberry and wild flowers.

    Inherited from the Turkic peoples, the Altai Chai recipe combines adaptogenic plants and roots. These help to tone the body, increase its resistance to stress and regulate mood. No wonder they have been used by Altai hunters for generations to withstand the harshness of winter and have the courage to pursue their prey, without sleeping, for several days. A woody, fruity and floral infusion particularly popular for its anti-stress action.

    Notes:fruity, floral and woody.

    Ingredients :

    Wild strawberry leaf (27%), wild rowan berry (25%), maral root (13%), rhodiola rosea root (13%), wild mallow (13%), forget-me-not (9%).
    Exclusively handpicked from Siberia - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE.

    Use :as a 2 or 3 week treatment, throughout the day (avoid after 6 p.m., for sensitive people).

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