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If you have any detox aficionados in your family or friends, here's a little box at a reasonable price that's sure to delight them in many occasions.

In the Slavic tradition, DOM GRECHKA is a theine-free infusion of Tatar roasted buckwheat and wild rowan berry.

TEA TRIBES' best-seller has "it all", because it knows how to play with contrasts:

- delicious (its nutty taste is irresistible)

- it provides a welcome feeling of satiety during regimes, fasts or mono diets

- detoxifies the body, with a draining effect

- but it also provides plant proteins, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, powerful antioxidants (rutin) and insoluble fiber.

To make the experience complete, even at the office all day long, a mug is included, proudly displaying the symbolic "3 eyes" of TEA TRIBES.

    Set contents

    DOM GRECHKA: Natural infusion of Tatar roasted buckwheat

    For centuries, buckwheat has been one of the main ingredients of Eastern European cuisine. The Slavs go so far as to nickname this cereal the “mother»so essential is it to them. And for good reason: rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus, equipped with powerful antioxidants (rutin) and full of insoluble fiber, this little seedsatiates, detoxifies, drains, stimulates the digestive system and helps maintain the overall good functioning of the body. Once toasted, it displays an intense color and flavor, to be discovered in this delicately nutty infusion.

    Ingredients :Grilled Tatar buckwheat (95%), wild rowan berry (5%) — 100% natural - No flavoring or added sugar - Very very low in calories - WITHOUT THEINE. GLUTEN FREE. Box of 250 grams.

    Notes:delicious, nutty.

    Use :without moderation throughout the day and evening.

    Delicious and effective also in an iced version!

    White ceramic mug with an ideal capacity for a tea or infusion break.

    This mug proudly displays the "3 eyes" of TEA TRIBES, likely to amaze office neighbors... A little touch of mysticism that will not fail to fuel conversations.

    Made in Europe (in Portugal to be precise).

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