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Natural infusion of cocoa, pasilla pepper, mango and pineapple

  • Anti-stress, relaxing, balancing
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Description & history of the MAYANNA

In Mayan culture, it is said that cocoa (“Ka'kau” in the original version) was discovered in the mountain, by the gods themselves. Used by warriors to increase their powers, prescribed by wise herbalists as a sacred drink, it has always been considered a symbol of abundance and pleasure, at the heart of ancestral rituals. In this recipe, its anti-stress and antioxidant properties are enhanced with anti-inflammatory chili peppers and a generous handful of pineapple and mango. The result is a very delicious, healthy and comforting cocoa infusion.

Notes:gourmet since it is frankly cocoa, spicy and fruity.

Ingredients, Preparation & Use

Ingredients :

Cocoa pod (40%), pineapple (30%), mango (15%), pasilla pepper (15%).

Artisanal culture from Guatemala exclusively — 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE - LACTOSE-FREE cocoa drink.

Use :solitary pleasure or to share with friends, alone or with a little sweetness, in the morning or in the evening.

Also delicious in an iced version!

Dosage: 2 level tablespoons for 1 liter of pure or filtered water

Preparation:Bring the water to 90°. Infusion for 7 to 10 minutes. Put in a thermos and take with you to drink throughout the day.

A word from the Tea-Triber

Jorge's explanations:

“For the cocoa, I relied on Pablo Matt. He is just 28 years old, but he is talented and committed; things are moving with him, he is also one of the founders of the chocolate bar brand Chocolates Sero. Pablo works with 4 family producers (he rejects large companies), in different regions of Guatemala offering several flavors. The production methods are rigorous, ethical, pure.

By purchasing cocoa pods from him, to make infusions, we are in a “win-win” partnership. For his part, he promotes, by selling it to me, the exterior part of the seed that he does not use (the pod is however richer in nutrients; but it is the bean, inside, which is used later to make chocolate). For my part, I am sure that I have pods of high environmental, social and taste quality for TEA TRIBES.

In a typically Mayan approach, I have both “spicy” and “fruity” this cocoa base. I hope you will like it. In any case your body will love it! »

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Mrs Francken Elisabeth

I admit that I don't really know how to use it, can you help me, thank you

Thank you for your 5 star review. For advice on use, we will call you!