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DOM GRECHKA - 20 individual sachets

DOM GRECHKA - 20 individual sachets


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Natural herbal tea of Tartary roasted buckwheat.

  • Detoxifies and provides an ideal feeling of satiety during slimming diets and intermittent fasting
  • Provides plant-based proteins, antioxidants and fiber

Description & history of the DOM GRECHKA - 20 individual sachets

For centuries, buckwheat has been one of the main ingredients of Eastern European cuisine. The Slavs go so far as to call this cereal the “mother” because it is so essential to them. And for good reason: rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins, minerals, magnesium and phosphorus, this little seed satiates, stimulates the immune system and maintains the proper functioning of the body. Once roasted (we call it “grechka” in Russian), it has an intense color and flavor, to be discovered in this delicately nutty infusion.

Ingredients, Preparation & Use

Ingredients :

Tartary roasted buckwheat (100%) - Natural herbal tea - No flavoring or added sugar - Very very low in calories - WITHOUT THEINE. GLUTEN FREE.

Use :without moderation throughout the day and evening.

Delicious and effective also in an iced version!

Preparation: 1 sachet of 10 grams for 1 mug of 33 cl. Add pure or filtered water brought to 90°. Infuse minimum 7 minutes.

A word from the Tea-Triber

Julia's word:

“For your complete information, this great Slavic tradition has equivalents, with some variations in taste, in China (it is called Ku Qiao Cha), in Korea (Maemil-cha), and in Japan (Soba Cha).

And for the anecdote, Dom means house in Russian, which fits perfectly with the use made here of an infusion based on Grechka: when you start, you don't stop, you want to drink it all day and all evening, at home, nice and warm.

Dom is also the diminutive of Dominique, a French friend of Jean-Luc who lived in Moscow and who told him one day: "I systematically bring several packets of Grechka in my suitcases when I return to Paris, for my friends who love it. You can't find it in France, but it's delicious and it feels good, you absolutely have to have it in Tea Tribes!"

So that's why our Grechka is called Dom Grechka: we pay homage to Dominique and we please many French women (and French people too, I'm sure!). And since then, in fact, DOM GRECHKA has become the TEA TRIBES bestseller! »

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