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Ayurvedic infusion of shwagandha, shankhapushpi, Indian valerian, gotu kola, brahmi and licorice

  • Helps to let go and meditate
  • Makes it easier to fall asleep

Description & history of the NIDRA

The worship woven around the goddess Nidra is associated with night, sleep and enchantment. This is how Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) teaches a practice of deep but conscious relaxation. Several Ayurvedic medicinal plants also help in the quest for restful sleep. Ashwagandha, with its neuroprotective and anxiety and stress reducing effects. Shankhapushpi too, recognized as a “rejuvenating” medicine for the intellect and memory and which would have the potential of a tranquilizer. The medicinal properties of Gotu Kola (tiger grass) have been known for over 2,000 years to relieve nervous problems. As for Brahmi, it is the plant of wisdom, helping with meditation and the practice of yoga.

Notes: wood, fresh plant and leather

Ingredients, Preparation & Use

Ingredients :

Shankhapushpi (21%), Indian valerian (21%), gotu kola (15%), brahmi (15%), ashwagandha (14%), licorice root (14%) - Artisanal picking from India exclusively, locally certified organic ingredients - No flavoring or added sugar.

Preparation:2 large tablespoons for 1 liter of pure water brought to 90°. Infusion 8 to 10'.

Use:As a 2 or 3 week treatment, particularly in the evening.

A word from the Tea-Triber

Explanations from Ghanashyam Marda, PhD Doctor in Ayurveda :

"Valerian is present and used for sleep disorders on many continents. Combined with other Ayurvedic herbs, its effects are further enhanced.

Indian valerian is grown in the northeast/northwest and also by some farmers in the south, in the Munnar and Tamil Nadu regions. Finding organically grown valerian as a dried plant part is a bit difficult, like most other plants in India.
Mr. Niwas and his brother Mr. Ram, from Mumbai, helped me connect with the right farmers. Although he is a supplier/trader himself, Mr. Niwas became excited when he heard about the TEA TRIBES project.
He was the one who introduced me to many organic suppliers and through them I was able to reach out to farmers.
Nidra (sleep well!) recipe is a combination of herbs that is excellent for insomnia, for getting good quality sleep and also for reducing fatigue,
relax muscles and reduce muscle pain. It promotes physical and psychological abilities. It is good for the voice. It also improves the condition of the skin. NIDRA strengthens the nervous functioning of the brain and is useful in neurodegenerative conditions. It is also cardiac support.

According to Ayurveda, the mind is in the heart and works with the brain.
As this combination of herbs is good for both, it ultimately helps the mind."

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