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Natural infusion of Siberian pine, Bergenia, St. John's wort, marjoram and yarrow

  • Relaxes and helps fight depression
  • Helps digestion

Description & history of the PUGU

Pugu is the sun god of the Yukaghirs, a people of northeastern Siberia, heir to the hunter-gatherer culture, who continues to resist sedentarization. Each year, they carry out long transhumances with their reindeer and harvest the ingredients they find on the way to sustain themselves and develop their pharmacopoeia, in particular to resist the depressing lack of sun. Here: Siberian apples and pine needles, bergenia leaves, St. John's wort, marjoram and yarrow combine in a soothing, anti-depressant and regulating digestive disorders infusion.

Notes:woody and herbaceous.

Ingredients, Preparation & Use

Ingredients :

Pinus sibirica apple (40%), pinus sibirica needle (25%), fermented willow herb (10%), bergenia leaf (5%), St. John's wort (5%), wild marjoram (5%), yarrow (5%) ), wild mint (5%). Exclusively handpicked from Siberia - 100% natural - No added flavors or sugar - THEINE FREE.

Caution, risk of drug interaction. Combining this preparation containing St. John's Wort with other medications may result in a reduction in their effectiveness. Conversely, a sudden interruption of taking St. John's Wort can increase the toxicity of these medications. St. John's Wort is only present here at 5%. We nevertheless suggest that you seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

Use :Ideal in the evening. In treatment of 2 to 4 weeks.

Also delicious in an iced version!

Preparation:2 large tablespoons for 1 liter of pure or filtered water, brought to 90°. Infusion for 7 to 10 minutes.

A word from the Tea-Triber

Julia's explanations:

“Pugu is a very aromatic infusion, which takes us for a walk in the middle of the Siberian forests. And for good reason, I put 65% of the famous endemic pine of Siberia, the "pinus sibirica", in the form of both apples and needles, excellent for health. The Yukaghirs have always made great use of it, especially since they find it all around them during their travels.

I further boosted the benefits of Pugu by adding bergenia (with antibacterial effects which make it similar to a "natural antibiotic"), St. John's wort (known to help treat psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, digestive and feminine disorders), marjoram and achilea (both renowned for being equally relaxing, digestive and relieving painful periods), and finally mint (more for its good taste than for its undeniable benefits, because in this recipe the quantity is too low for mint).

All these plants are consumed as infusions in an ancestral way in Siberia, the secrets of their effectiveness being passed down from generation to generation. I hope I have been faithful to the spirit of this recipe, which I also wanted to be delicious. »

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous herbal teas

We taste each of the infusions ordered with immense pleasure and share them with interested friends around us, we love them! Each has its own character, the descriptions guided us well in our choices, we have been followers and fans since 2022!

What a pleasure, a big thank you: this type of comment is the best reward you could dream of!!

Overall very positive experience

From ordering on the website to delivery, everything went smoothly. But it is even more the tastings of these natural infusions that provide immense pleasure. We can clearly see that it is craftsmanship and of great purity. And the tastes are captivating!